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International Hors D’oeuvre Stations

International stations, as hors d’oeuvres are a very popular part of the pre-dinner reception and cocktail hour. Robert’s Catering is proud to offer a diverse menu of ethnic and theme-oriented hors d’oeuvres stations from around the world. Roberts Catering is renowned for the dramatic appearance of the stations as well as the tantalizing assortment of foods; Stations come complete with specialty linens matching the countries of origin or theme, and in some cases also with props. Stations often feature display cooking to order as the guests watch.

Pacific Rim Wok Stir-Fry

•  Chicken or Beef Strips (choose one)
•  Display Wok Stir-Fried in
•  Cantonese or Szechuan Sauce (choose one),
•  Mixed Asian Vegetables;
•  Bamboo Shoots,
•  Bean Sprouts,
•  Bok Choy,
•  Carrot, Onion,
•  Zucchini,
•  Yellow Squash,
and others.

Asian Options to add:

•  Dim Sum,
•  Fried Egg Rolls
with Plum
•  Sauce, Steam
•  Shui Mai or Pot Stickers
with Soy Sauce,
•  Kung Pao Chicken,
•  Broccoli Beef,
•  Orange Chicken

Italian Pasta Buffet

•  Three Pastas (Penne, Bowtie & Tortellini)
With Marinara, Alfredo or Pesto Sauce


•  Toasted Pine Nuts,
•  Sundried Tomatoes,
•  Diced Tomatoes,
•  Capers,
•  Sliced Mushrooms,
•  Chives Italian Olives,
•  Peppers,
•  Shredded Fresh Parmesan.
•  Antipasto with Grilled Mediterranean Vegetables,
•  Marinated Mushrooms,
•  Artichokes,
•  Italian Salami,
•  Pepperonccini,
•  Baby Corn,
•  Green and Black Italian Olives,
•  Insalata Caprese (Buffalo Mozzarella, Tomato, Basil).

Steak Diane Flambe'

•  Tender Slices of Beef Displayed,
•  Sauteed in butter,
with Diced
•  Tomatoes,
•  Mushrooms,
•  Parsley,
•  Mustard,
•  wine sauce

Ambrosia Station

•  An Assortment of elegant Imported
and Domestic Cheese with Dried Fruits,
•  Gourmet Crackers and Baguettes.
•  Crisp Vegetable Crudite And Two Dips;
•  Select from Spinach Hummus,
•  California Onion,
•  Guacamole, Curry,
•  Mint Yogurt,
•  Roasted Red Pepper

Fresh Seasonal Sliced Fruits including
•  Melon,
•  Berries,
•  Grapes,
•  Kiwi,
•  Pineapple,
•  and Orange.

•  Hot Baked Brie with Caramelized Walnuts and Baguettes.

Seafood Station

•  Shrimp with Cocktail Sauce served over ice,
•  Assorted Sushi Rolls,
•  Crab Claws, Crab
•  Legs,
•  Smoked Salmon,
•  Whole Poached Salmon,
•  Smoked Trout with Onions and Capers,
•  Lobster Tail*,
•  Crab Cakes,
•  Clams*,
•  Mussels in Garlic,
•  Shallot & White Wine Sauce.

Paris Boulevard Buffet

Three Delectable Fillings in a large Vol-Au-Vent Puff Shell:
•  Shrimp and Scallops in Saffron Sauce
•  Beef Bourguignonne
•  Chicken Ala King
•  Salad Nicoise,
•  Selectd Pates and Baguettes

Middle-Eastern Table

•  Favorites include Falafel,
•  Pita Bread, Hummus,
•  Tabouleh,
•  Eggplant-Baba Ganoush,
•  Rice-Stuffed Grape Leaves,
•  Potato Chicken Salad Olivier
•  Yogurt Cucumber

Near East Options:
•  Ground Beef or Chicken Kebobs,
•  Tomato-Onion Stuffed Baby Eggplants,
•  Feta Cheese
with Olives.

New Orleans Bourbon Street

•  Crab Cakes with Louis Sauce,
•  Red Beans and Rice
•  Jambalaya made with Chicken,
•  Andouille Sausage & Shrimp
•  Fried Zucchini Fingers or Fried Okra

Bourbon Street options:
•  Pecan Salad,
•  Shrimp Estouffee,
•  Chicken Creole,
•  Mustard Greens,
•  Creole Chicken Gumbo,
•  Corn Bread.

Southwestern Buffet

•  Buffalo Chicken Wings,
•  Barbecued Chicken,
•  Roast Tri-Tip of Beef Santa Maria style,
•  Beef Chili Con Carne,
•  Black Bean
•  Chili.
•  Potato Salad,
•  Three Bean Salad,
•  Macaroni Salad,
•  Sweet & Sour Red Cole Slaw,
•  Corn Bread

Continental Buffet

A Selection of Five Cheeses from
•  Pepper Jack,
•  Plain Jack,
•  English Medium Cheddar,
•  French Feta,
•  Dutch Gouda,
•  Aged Swiss,
•  French Brie,

Two Salads:
•  Marinated Mushrooms,
•  Fennel Salad,
•  Salad Nicoise
•  Country Liver Pate',
•  Duck and Pistachio Pate and Vegetarian Terrine
•  Crocks of Cornichon Pickles,
•  Whole Grain
•  Dijon Mustard and Crackers.


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