Charcuterie Board Catering in Los Angeles

In need of charcuterie board catering in Los Angeles? Take a look at the range of charcuterie board catering options we offer throughout Los Angeles and Southern California below! We provide charcuterie board catering to any city within Southern California all the way down to San Diego, including but not limited to Los Angeles, Palm Springs, Orange County, Burbank, Glendale, Pasadena, and Riverside. Our team of artists are here to create eye-catching charcuterie board designs for your next occasion!

Charcuterie Board Designs

Exquisite Los Angeles Charcuterie Board Catering

Our Los Angeles charcuterie board catering services are included in all of our catering packages that you book! When you work with us for food catering for any of your events, we can incorporate luxury charcuterie boards and themed charcuterie board designs as part of your appetizer displays. We offer everything from grazing tables to individually sized miniature charcuterie boards.

Charcuterie board catering in Los Angeles, individual charcuterie boards
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Charcuterie board designs
Gourmet Charcuterie Board Designs

Charcuterie Board Catering With Premium Ingredients

As part of our quality commitment at Robert's Catering, we use only the best cheese, meat, fresh produce, and gourmet selections for our charcuterie board catering. Every ingredient used comes from local artisans that provide the best in their business, from organic and meaty Italian red olives to organic beet we use to create a signature beet hummus dip featured on some of our charcuterie board designs. We source our meat and cheese selections from local producers who use only natural ingredients, offering a wide selection of cheeses and specialty international cold cuts to select from.

charcuterie board designs by Robert's Catering Service
Charcuterie Board Designs, smaller charctuerie boards
Charcuterie Board Design Artists

Artistic Charcuterie Board Designs

Charcuterie boards are a beautiful and delicious addition to any event or gathering you’re having, and our artists are here to create one-of-a-kind designs that match the style, color scheme, and palette of your event! Our charcuterie board catering team can design a range of charcuterie boards for your needs, from classic meat and cheese boards to Mediterranean boards featuring add ons like freshly baked pita chips, marinated olives, and stuffed grape leaves. Our charcuterie board catering designs are hand-cut and plated to feature beautiful standout designs sure to impress your guests. From intricately cut shapes to florals and patterns created from our selections, our charcuterie board designs are as tasty to look at as they are to eat! Let our team know if you have a theme in mind for your event, and we can create colorful charcuterie board designs to match!

International Cheese, Herb, and Charcuterie Displays

Herb and Cheese Displays

In addition to charcuterie board catering, we're known for creating intricate cheese boards and displays featuring fresh herbs, garnishes such as our homemade crostinis, marinated artichoke hearts, and more. We're happy to create boards featuring regional combinations and selections. For example, our Persian herb and cheese display includes fresh Persian dill, tarragon, mint, cilantro, basil, green onions, radishes, cucumbers, walnuts, feta, Cornelian cherry (zoghal akhte), yogurt shallot dip (mas moosir), and sangak bread.

Charcuterie board catering and cheese displays, Persian cheese and herb board

Types of Charctuerie Board Designs We Offer

Seacuterie board

Seafood Charcuterie Board Selections

Seafood charcuterie board selections are a great way to elevate your table centerpieces and showcase a new charcuterie board style! Known as a seacuterie board, seafood charcuterie boards are just one of the many traditional charcuterie board variations we can create for you! Our seafood charcuterie boards feature fresh, wild-caught seafood selections ranging from king crab legs and smoked salmon to halibut, shrimp, fresh oysters, and more. Seacuterie boards are great to pair with a selection of pickled fresh product, artisan bread, and specialty in-house made crackers we can create. Our seafood charcuterie boards can be made to incorporate gluten free, keto, and low-carb ingredients for a healthy twist!

With seafood charcuterie boards, we can also incorporte a mix of hot and cold seafood selections, from crab cakes and rolls to grilled shrimp skewers, fresh shrimp coktails, grilled lobster tails and cooked muscles and more. We can also create custom seafood dips to go alone with your seacuterie board, from smoked salmon dip to crab and artichoke dips and more. Seacuterie boards can be made to fit any occasion, from a lobster BLT board to build your own BLTs to a seasonal fall or summer seacuterie board featuring the best in seasonal produce and seafood.

Grazing table - charcuterie grazing table

Grazing Tables

Grazing tables make the perfect appetizer for any event, featuring a stunning visual display of an array of cured meats, fresh produce, sweets, and more. While grazing tables are similar to charcuterie boards, featuring items commonly seen like gourmet cheeses, crackers and bread sticks, and fresh produce, the large scale surface of grazing tables allows for the incorporation of ingredients to suit every palate. Grazing tables often include a wider selection of sweet and salty combinations such as chocolates, mini pastries, candied nuts, pickled vegetables, and jams and jellies. Grazing tables can also incorporate a range of fresh produce that adds both vegetarian options and bright colors into the mix.

Whether you're looking to display a grazing table at your next party or as part of your wedding reception, our team can put together breathtaking grazing tables that match your color scheme and decor. We can incorporate elevated stands to display multi-level grazing tables, and bring in additional design elements that include fresh herbs, florals, greenery beds, and even miniature signage to showcase each ingredient on display. Our connection to local producers allows us to source the freshest seafood, meat, and gourmet cheese selections for display, as well as vivid hues of vegetables from natural violets to cherry reds.

Individual Charcuterie Boxes, Boards and Cups

Individual charcuterie boards and individual charcuterie boxes are a fun and personalized way to offer charcuterie board designs to your guests in a compact and easy-to-hold manner! Our individual charcuterie boxes and individual charcuterie cups feature the same beloved ingredients typically found in large-scale charcuterie boards, from dried fruits and nuts to fresh herbs, cured meats, and specialty cheese, but in a smaller format. We can create custom individual charcuterie boxes and boards with your guest’s names and preferences, in addition to fun cups that can include playful touches like fruit skewers, colorful pickles, and more.

Charcuterie board catering Los Angeles

Large Charcuterie Boards

We can create large charcuterie boards suited for hundreds of guests. Our Instagram-worthy charcuterie board designs can feature themed colors for your event, from vivid pinks and reds to neutrals and more, with the ability to curate a wide selection of specialty meats and cheeses. For example, if you’re looking to feature a charcuterie board with Persian and Armenian cheese, we can create custom boards incorporating fresh Persian herbs, pickles, cheese, and more. We work with some of the best local producers in California, providing a large range of rare premium offerings including crisp dried fruits, naturally-smoked meats, and more.

Charcuterie Board Designs Catering For Any Dietary Needs

Custom creating menus suited for each of our clients is always our top priority. That's why we make it a point to accommodate any dietary restrictions you or your guests may have. While our facility is not a dedicated facility free of these allergens, our staff will take the utmost care when preparing dishes for your specific needs.

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Our catering is off-premise, meaning we can provide you with catering at any facility that allows outside caterers! In addition, we have a range of venues we work with in California as a preferred and exclusive catering venue. Take a look at just some of the locations our catering is currently in, and contact us to chat about other venues you may have in mind!

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